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Terror of the Sea

In a faraway but not so different world, a mighty race of lizard-like beings’ elite guard is capable of doing anything to protect their race’s way of life. But one young Saurcan has questions. Will the truth be discovered?

Saurcana: Terror From The Sea is a middle-school science fiction novel that introduces the concepts of exploitation, addiction to power, disinformation, unquestioned trust, war, and their connections to one another.  The story reinforces the importance of empathy-driven action and is a testament to the wisdom of thinking for oneself and making a stand– even if it means standing alone.


“Esper gasped for air as he fought himself awake and sat straight up in his bed. “Just a dream,” he whispered as he fought to calm his racing heart. He could not go back to sleep, not after such a dream. He lay back on the feather pallet and began to recall the frightening details.

He saw strings of colored lights scurrying along a sea cave ceiling followed by a lone swimmer. They searched for something. Esper recalled the pressure he felt in his lungs and knew he must be the swimmer. The colored lights moved frantically along the cave ceiling searching for a miracle, a pocket of air.

Bubbles erupted from Esper’s clenched jaws and he could feel the water filling his lungs as his body automatically inhaled. The strings of lights stopped, turned full circle and followed Esper as he sank to the floor of the cave.

There he lay before an upright stone. The strings of lights gently draped themselves about his shoulders like a hero's garland. Their light lit the raised moss-covered letters on the stone’s face. The one sent to read the stones would read no more. The tiny lights slowly dimmed. Darkness filled the flooded cave. Still shaken by the dream, Esper stumbled to the door. He looked out upon his world, the world he knew…the real world…”

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