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Terror of the Sea

Young Esper is eager to prove to High Commander Galdor that he can be a warrior worthy of wearing the prestigious gold fin of the elite Saurcan guard. Even though he fails his first test of bravery, Esper doesn’t give up. Instead, he lets his curiosity lead him to seek responses to troubling questions that Galdor won’t answer.

Prompted by an unsettling dream, Esper sets out alone to find a way to understand the poor, helpless Uncos, who depend on the Saurcan guards to protect them from their common enemy, the Cyprines, huge killer fish of the deep. When he can’t find the answers to his questions above-water, Esper devises a dangerous plan to sneak through a maze beneath the sea floor to discover what he begins to fear may be a horrible truth. Left to depend on his wits and limited physical strength, Esper takes a journey that begins with treachery and surprising discoveries, and ends with a new responsibility that demands he find in himself the courage to do what’s right.

The Setting:

Saurcana is a mythical realm at the edge of a dizzyingly high cliff inhabited by a race of lizard-like beings, the Saurcans. It overlooks a protected cove that opens to dangerous seas teeming with the vicious Cyprines. Far below and beneath the sea floor is a sea cave that promises answers and boasts dangers that could destroy any Saurcan, especially one as young and unfit as Esper.

The Characters:

Young Esper finds himself in a difficult predicament. Like every young Saurcan, he dreams of being recruited to the prestigious military position of elite Saurcan guard, although his motives are quite different. But when training begins, Esper’s weak body and fearfulness make him an unlikely candidate for selection. His curiosity distracts him from his work and raises disturbing questions concerning some long-held beliefs about his powerful race. Will Galdor’s ridicule thwart Esper, or will he find untested courage to pursue the truth he seeks?

Taut, powerful muscles and a booming voice that barks out commands to his young trainees make Galdor seem a most formidable military leader. Yet when young Esper undauntedly pursues his questioning, Galdor’s harsh and evasive responses raise questions in Esper’s mind about the reason for his sternness and the depth of his commitment to serve and protect all who depend on him. Are there secrets that Galdor must not reveal?

The leanest recruit and a female. Tibur seems the candidate most likely to be selected as a new member of the Saurcan guards. Though she physically has what it takes to be a great warrior, is she truly committed to protecting the Uncos?

These helpless creatures live in the beach rocks and faithfully gather the yellow seaweed to feed the Saurcans. Why are they so helpless? The answer may shock you!

The red-finned killers of Saurcans and Uncos live in the sea beyond the cove entrance, and are said to stalk their prey with eyes that never close and track down their enemies by smelling their fear. From a distance, they’re huge, threatening fish. What will happen to Esper when, to fulfill his quest, he comes face-to-face with one?

The Conflict:

Esper wants High Commander Galdor to select him to be a member of the prestigious Saurcan guard to protect the Uncos. Esper is puzzled by several things regarding the Uncos that do not make sense. His concerns are heightened when Galdor evades his requests for explanation. Unable to quiet his curious mind, Esper secretly defies Galdor’s commands to cease his inquiry and sets out on a heart-pounding journey where he faces the scariest of obstacles to learn the truth.

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