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Terror of the Sea

Teachers’ Sourcebook by Robert Hager and Roger Leslie

Table of Contents


Part I: Lesson Plan                 

The prerequisites, objectives and skills of the lesson plan appear in succinct lists.

Nine activities cover everything from vocabulary work and an intriguing game to introduce the concept of disinformation and exploitation in the novel to sequencing exercises and examples from literature and history to enhance understanding of the novel’s theme.

Vocabulary—Formal Definition
Formal definitions of disinformation and exploitation provide a starting point for exploring these concepts in the novel.

Vocabulary—Informal Definition
Informal definitions of disinformation and exploitation present a simpler approach to these ideas.

Pass-Along Game Slips
Directions and game slips invite students to differentiate between misinformation and disinformation, segueing into the direct lesson about disinformation and exploitation.

Sequencing Activity
Students must arrange ten plot details in chronological order to see the evolution of how Esper unlocks the truth about the Uncos.

Sequencing Activity Answer Keys
Two answers keys provide the correct answers in different formats: arranged like the activity and numbered as students will complete the assignment, and re-arranged so that the events appear in the correct order down the page.

Galdor’s Disinformation Answer Key
This list of descriptions or quotations from the novel offers 30 possible correct answers that students might give to the “Galdor’s Disinformation” assignment.

Esper’s Evolution Answer Key
31 plot details or quotations offer several different answers that student may provide when completing the “Esper’s Evolution” exercise.

Part II: Unit

Characters: First Impressions
A list of the major and minor characters includes a brief description of each and the page number where the character first appears in the novel.

25 vocabulary words for students to define are divided into three sections based on Grade 8 Language Arts TEKS: defining words using context clues; roots, prefixes and suffixes; and dictionaries or other quick-reference resources.

Vocabulary Answer Keys
The key provides the definitions for all the words as well as the context clues, and meanings of the parts of the word in their respective sections.

Cumulative Content Questions
171 comprehension and interpretation questions follow the novel chronologically, with anywhere from three to 17 questions per chapter.

Cumulative Content Questions Answer Key
Responses in complete sentences and the TEKS that apply to each question accompany all 171 items that cover questions over the entire novel.           

Individual Chapter Quizzes
The Cumulative Content Questions are divided by individual chapters and re-numbered so instead of using them as a large packet as they read, students may take regular comprehension quizzes as they progress through the novel.

Individual Chapter Quizzes Answer Key
The Key provides the answers to all questions, possible alternate answers for interpretive questions, and the page numbers from the novel on which the answers may be verified.

Discussion Questions
57 interpretive and higher level questions provide either a jumpstart to class discussions over the novel or a deep probing of not only the details of the plot, but various meanings and possible interpretations of the novel’s themes.

Discussion Questions Answer Key
Answer for specific questions related to plot details are provided, while those questions open to discussion and personal interpretation either indicate that “answers may vary” or provide possible examples that students might wish to consider. 

Creative Projects
Eight different project ideas, some with alternate ways of interpreting the activity, are provided to extend learning, invite students to use their creativity to interpret literary elements of the story, and cover further TEKS required for Gifted and Talented students.                     

Creative Project with Language Arts TEKS
The eight project ideas are accompanied here with Grade 8 TEKS for teacher’s use only.

Saurcana Exam
This 50-question exam covering the content of the entire novel includes 20 four-option multiple choice questions, ten true/false questions, and a fifteen-question section for matching relevant quotations from the novel with the characters who spoke them.

Saurcana Exam Answer Key 
The key shares the correct answer, the page number from the novel on which the correct answer can be found, and the Grade 8 Language Arts TEKS covered by each question.

III. Credits

About the Author of Saurcana
A brief biography of author Robert Hager, who has dedicated much of his professional life to different kinds of activities that support the mental, emotional and social development of children.

About the Author of the Sourcebook
A brief biography of author Roger Leslie, a lifelong educator whomdeveloped the Sourcebook to cover both the required TEKS as well as the literary elements essential to understanding and interpreting fiction.





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